When The Moon Hits Your Eye Like a Big Pizza Pie…

That’s Amore!

I will tell you, food is one of our family’s love languages. Homemade pizza is right at the top of the list of family favorites.

When our kids were small and we lived in the Sierra Mountains, it was a little bit of a trek to go to a pizza place. Delivery was never an option. Ever. So I used to make pizza from scratch. Having a bread machine made tossing in the ingredients and setting it for dough a no-brainer.

I usually made one with everything including bell peppers, pepperoni, cheese, sausage, onions, and sliced olives. I also made a pepperoni and cheese. They were always a hit and it seemed that no matter how many pizzas I put in the over we rarely had leftovers.

Sometimes we would even toss the dough into the air, spinning it and catching the swirling frisbee of dough on a closed fist. Just like they do in pizza places or Italian restaraunts.

When our kids had friends over sometimes I would just give each child a small ball of dough and let them create their own individual pizza with their favorite toppings.  That way I knew that even the pickiest eaters would be happy with what they were being served.

This seems like a recipe I am ready to try!

This is what Magan of What Magan’s Making has to say about her pizza creation.

We love this pizza. Love it. In the summer, when fresh tomatoes and basil are plentiful, we eat it once a week. It’s easily one of our favorite meals, and when Mike asks what’s for dinner, an answer of “margarita pizza” puts a huge smile on his face. He also gave it a 4.75 rating, one of his highest ever.


Quick Tip: Megan has a recipe for pizza crust but if you would rather buy store bought dough. Go ahead! No judgment here! This pizza will still be awesome.

Photo and Directions by Megan at What Megan’s Making

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