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If You Can Boil Water You Can Make This Classic Dish

Last year we were hosting a couple of teens from Australia for a week. Our son was so excited and we really wanted to make them feel welcome. They had already exchanged information and had been messaging back and forth.

One of the boys loves soccer, our son loved football, and another kid loved skateboarding. There were so many things we learned about each other and each other’s country. The one thing I wanted to know was what to fix them. Did they love breakfast? Toast with Vegemite?

I found out that once of the boy’s favorite food was mac and cheese. He loved it so much, he didn’t care if I fixed it for every single meal and would much rather have the cheesy pasta over any of the desserts I made. So I decided to make several versions and have him pick out which one he loved the best. Every day the boys would do something different. One day they went kayaking, one afternoon they went to a museum, and one day they went to Sea World. Every night they came home to a main course, and over half the time, there was a pan of pasta and cheese on the table. Which one was our Aussie friend’s favorite? They were all so good he couldn’t decide!

This is what one of the boys told my son after they returned home.

“Tell you mum “Hi” and let her know I miss the mac and cheese!”


Quick Tip: Want to add a little spicy heat? Scoop some salsa into the cheese as it is melting.

Recipe and image courtesy of Foot Network.com

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