Double Chocolate That Is Half The Work.

So amazing and simple, this double chocolate fudge cookie only uses 6 ingredients to make.

I am used to baking cookies. A lot of cookies! In fact when our kids have friends that stop in one of the first things they do is head to the cookie jar because they know that something freshly baked is under the lid.

Since we have 6 kiddos..yes that is a lot..NO we didn’t set out to have 6 kids but what can I say, they are incredible people and our family wouldn’t be complete without everyone in it.

But back to the cookies and batches. I have had to make big batches of cookies for decades. Usually that means 4 batches at a time so that I can put a big container in the freezer and refill the jar as needed.

Well, we are down to only one kiddo still in the nest so my cookie consumption has dropped off considerably.

These cookies are awesome. If I need a quick batch baked up I can make these and have them ready in a flash without it becoming an all afternoon event. And these are all ingredients I can easily keep on hand.

In fact, I might just have a few boxes of mix stashed in the back corner so I can whip up a batch and take them to the next sport event. Fresh out of the oven double chocolate fudge cookies are amazing and you know what they say, “Caring is sharing!”

This is what Lauren says of her Betty Crocker inspired recipe.

Double Chocolate Chip Fudge Cookies are everything that is right in the world. Soft, sweet, so simple to make and only 6 ingredients needed!


Quick Tip: If you don’t have a chocolate cake mix try this with vanilla chips and another flavor of mix…mmm think pineapple with white chips..the combinations are endless.

Photo and Recipe courtesy of Lauren at Lauren’s Latest.

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