As Tasty as it is Gorgeous.

After an epic fail.. This Recipe is a total Game Changer!

My husband loves Chicken Pot Pie. One day I tried to make one but it seemed more like a chicken stew in a soggy crust. To say the least I was not impressed.

Even though my husband kept his smile on and ate it, he never asked me to make it again.

Every once in awhile he picks up a few frozen ones, but seriously, the gravy oozing out almost makes me gag. I would rather eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich than one of those frozen chicken pot pies.

When I saw this recipe it looked gorgeous. I love the fact that it uses puff pastry and rotisserie chicken. How easy is that?

And being able to do the basket weave on top? Yeah, I think my husband will definitely love this more than the frozen version!

Here is what Julie of Lovely Little Kitchen has to say about her creative and time saving recipe.

Don’t you love it when you decide on what to make for dinner and you just so happen to have everything you need right in your very own kitchen? It’s rare, but it happened to me when I had a craving for chicken pot pie. I started rummaging through my fridge, pantry, and freezer and was amazed to find that I could pull this together without even running to the store.


Quick Tip: Serve with mashed potatoes or try something new.. mashed turnips!

Recipe and photo courtesy of Julie of Lovely Little Kitchen. 

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