Make Something Remarkable This Sunday

The smell of freshly baked goods creates more than you think.

There is nothing like the smell of fresh bread getting ready to come out of the oven.

In fact, scientists have said that the pleasant aroma can trigger a heightened sense of well being and security.

This is exactly the kinds of recipe they are talking about. The yeast dough that may take longer than simple quick breads such as a biscuit or muffins, but will be remembered long after the last roll is eaten.
The thing required makes this a labor of love. Time.

Thankfully you might have a mixer with a dough hook or even a bread machine with a dough setting, but if not, there is something that feels therapeutic about hand kneading the dough until the consistency is just right, letting it rise and then punching it down and letting it rise again.

And the taste..there is just nothing like it in the world.

I used to make cinnamon rolls about once a month when our kids were young. Usually on a Saturday morning so that on Sunday I could put these out, along with a dish of egg casserole and some fruit.

The perfect breakfast or brunch for a day to rest.

Sometimes I would just roll up cinnamon and sugar, sometimes I would add chopped nuts, dried apricots, and craisins.

It was not uncommon for someone to “Stop by” as they strolled past our house. I would love to think it was because they wanted to chat for a few minutes, but think it most likely had to do with the fact you could smell the cinnamon rolls from the street right as they were getting ready to come out.


You can create that same memory for your family. One they will never forget from the first bite of this classic, yet timeless pastry.

This is what Pam of The P-K-P Way has to say about this recipe.

What is that special treat in your house that everyone swoons over every time you make it? I’ll tell you mine – it’s these Cinnamon Rolls. It’s not the quickest treat to make, but it is pretty simple.


Quick Tip: I used to double my recipe. I figured it I am going to all the work and time of making these I want to make sure I have plenty. When they were cool I would wrap them in individual pieces of saran wrap and put in freezer bag.


Photo and recipe courtesy of Pam and The P-K-P Way.

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