Wonder How To Make Dinner More Exciting? Make This Easy Dish Tonight!

Hot And Zesty, Just Like You Love It!

I love the spicy flavors of Mexican food. And I love pasta! This is a perfect twist of two amazing dishes into one, and thank goodness they are easy to make!

I remember the first time I made jumbo stuffed shells. Talk about an epic failure! I think I must had read the recipe all wrong because I had to actually scoop out the filling and try to start again. I had not read that the shells needed to be cooked in advance! So I had tyo go back to the drawing board. Let’s just say by the time I filled the shells, scraped out the shells, and refilled the shells again the whole kitchen counter was a mess. The worst part was that was my very first meal I cooked for John after we got married. I guess I could only improve from there!  Now that we have been married over 32 years I am sure there have been a few meals that really were not the best, but that is just the way life goes sometimes. We can’t always be on our game, some days are just harder than others. I am not just talking pasta here friends, I am talking about the day in and day out of just living.

This is what Aimee of Like Mother Like Daughter have to say about this incredible recipe.

“These Mexican stuffed shells are a fun twist off of traditional Italian style stuffed shells.It is also fun and delicious to eat your taco styled meal inside pasta shells instead of the typical tortilla.”



Quick Tip: Try this with ground chicken and use a green enchilada sauce.

Recipe and image courtesy of Aimee and Like Mother Like Daughter

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