You’ve Been Making Teriyaki Chicken The Wrong Way This Entire Time- Watch Video

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Most of your modern day Japanese dishes come from the Edo era between the years of 1603 and 1867. At least the most well known ones.

During the Edo Era there were a lot of changes taking place in Japan. With urbanization beginning to take place it introduced changes in farming methods and, new ingredients began being imported into Japan.

One of the most famous of all modern day Japanese dishes are the Teriyaki dishes. You can purchase Teriyaki bowls in almost every food court in every mall across the country.

Most historians would probably agree that Teriyaki was introduced into Japanese cuisine around the seventeenth century. Most likely because many of the traditional methods of roasting and grilling meat were introduced at right about that same time.

During the 1960’s in the United States is when Teriyaki first became popular in North America. This is when Japanese restaurants began popping up all over the country.

There are literally hundreds of variations of Teriyaki Sauce today. Chefs have tried virtually every different combination of ingredients possible in order to come up with the best Teriyaki sauce.

I personally have tried a gazillion of them but this is probably the best one I have ever found.


Quick Tip- This could also be done in a slow cooker. The skillet is just the faster version.

Photo and Recipe Courtesy Of Crunchy Creamy Sweet

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