If You Think Getting Dinner on The Table Is a Chore, Think Again.

Love being able to make something everyone will love for dinner without making a mess? Yeah.. Me Too!

This is kind of crazy, but I have always wanted to take Tap Dance. Several Years ago I Signed up for class, but after I bought the tap shoes, convinced a friend to sign up with me, and made arrangements for my two young ones to be watched for an hour a week, I found out I was pregnant!

My doctor said as long as it wasn’t clogging I was okay to stay in the class, so I did. I tapped until a few weeks before I delivered. Put it this way, I couldn’t see my feet but I could hear them! And that was the end of my tapping.

Eighteen years later, I am signed up again and am having a total blast, but on Tap days it is nice to have something I don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing. And that is when this dish makes an entrance from stage right. (That is a little theater lingo I picked up.)

This is what Jo of Jo cooks has to say about this recipe.

Anyway, chicken and rice! Who doesn’t love a good chicken and rice casserole sorta dish. But the beauty here is that it’s all made in one skillet, quickly and before you know it dinner is ready to be served.


Quick Tip.. This is a great dish to toss in other veggies. I love adding thinly sliced carrots in for flavor, color, and texture!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Jo and Jo Cooks.

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