In a Rut? Here is a quick and Easy Way to Get Back On the Road Toward Dinner Success!

Don’t you wish all of life’s little problems could be conquered this easy?

Tater Tots..who knew they would be the miracle ingredient?

I am always a bit of a skeptic when I see a recipe that boasts that it is so easy a child could assemble it, but really, I think this one goes in that category.

There are a lot of people who can read a recipe and follow it to a tee..whatever that means..but we will say it stands to Tablespoon. Anyway, being able to follow a recipe and the list of ingredients is a great skill, but being able to adapt to what you have is so valuable.

If you don’t have sour cream? you can sub our plain Greek yogurt. Want to reduce calories? Consider replacing oil in baked breads and muffins for applesauce. Can’t find frozen hash browns? Yep, that is what she did. tater tots and to be honest I think in the pan it looks amazing to see them all lined up .

This is what Stacie of Simply Stacie has to say about this family favorite recipe.

This Mexican Tater Tot Casserole was a hit with my family! It was spicy, hearty and tasty. Comfort food for the win.


Quick Tip: Hey..want to add in a few more favorite ingredients? Go right ahead. I love adding sliced olives and a can of corn into this meat mix. 

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