Ready For Something Heavenly? Make These And You Will Hear Angels Singing!

When Opened My Aunt’s Cookbook, This Was The First Recipe I Turned To

I am a huge coconut fan. Since my dad never really cared for coconut and one of my sons ins’t a big fan of it either I tend to shy away from making anything with coconut in it.

But you know what?  Sometimes you just have to give in to your cravings and treat yourself. I have a group of friends that meet every year.

We lovingly refer to ourselves as the Sycamore Sisters since we all met at a writers retreat and room together in the Sycamore cabin. During the day we are busy taking classes or meeting with editors but at night, we get into our PJ’s and have a regular gab fest that involves a lot of snacks, talking, and so much laughing I am pretty sure we have developed quite a reputation for late night raucous.

We have also had several years of getting to know each other, our families. We have helped each other grow as writers, and been there for each other in the disappointing times as well. This year I am going to bring something special to snack on. I am making up a batch of these yummy bars to share with those who have made my life sweeter.

This is what Anna has to say about her recipe.

“These bars were disappearing fast right before my eyes. My Hubby, who is not a coconut fan at all, declared these to be absolutely amazing. He loves cheesecake as much as I do, but he actually really loved these! That says a lot!”


Quick Tip: To add just a bit of color, drizzle a little dark chocolate on top.

Recipe and image courtesy of Anna at Crunchy Creamy Sweet

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