One Bite And You Will FALL in Love With This Old Fashioned Dessert

Perfect Fall Dessert and So Easy To Make

I love fall time. Pulling out favorite sweaters, starting a fire in the fireplace, and eating lots of comfort foot. This classic apple dessert is among my very favorite fall recipes. It combines apples, caramel and oats. Our neighbors had an apple tree and I loved getting apples from her. One year the tree was so full of apples that she told everyone she knew if they wanted apples they should come and get them before the deer ate them up. I made sure to head over and Could not believe how the branches were just drooping under the weight of all the fruit.

Since we lived in the Sierra mountains, the apples needed to be a variety that could withstand frost. They were Arkansas Blacks, and let me tell you, those apples were so hard it was almost impossible to take a bite out of them. Not like the Pink Lady of Honey Crisp Apples. These were super hard and kind of tart, but they made the best pies and crisps. They might have taken a little extra work but we ended up gathering about 2 laundry baskets full!

This is what Lauren has to say about her Applicious dessert.

“My traditional apple crisp recipe has received rave reviews, and this Caramel Pecan Apple Crisp takes my old favorite to a whole new level! “


Quick Tip: Want to add a bit of holiday flare? Toss a handful of fresh cranberries into the apple filling.

Image and recipe courtesy of Lauren from Tastes Better From Scratch.

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