Nothing Says Fall Like The Smell of Baked Apples And Caramel

I Couldn’t Believe My Eyes When I saw My Grandmother Pull This From The Oven

I just can’t get enough of baked apples! Anything with baked apples, oats, and cinnamon just reminds me of fall. It is my favorite kind of comfort food and I never get tired of it.. EVER! I know this recipe is supposed to be for a dessert, but with all the apples, eggs, and oats it should count for a breakfast food! Because seriously when I smelled this baking in the oven the last thing I wanted to do was wait until after dinner. I was ready to just grab a fork and cut myself a big piece.

My Great Grandma Upton would have loved this recipe. She cooked a lot of her meals in a cast iron skillet that looked like it could have weighed as much as she did. It had been seasoned from years of use and she was careful to make sure to clean it up and dry it before putting it back in her oven where she kept it.

I love this recipe because it really isn’t a pie or a cake, but can be sliced up in wedges and served with a dollop of Cool-whip, whipping cream, or even a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Go ahead and serve this right from the skillet onto the plates. That is exactly what my Great Grandmother would have done as well.


Quick Tip: Make sure you get good baking apple for this dessert. I love Pink Lady and Honey Crisp, but your just can’t go wrong with Granny Smith. And I don’t peel my apples when I bake them. I use the apples skins and all!

Recipe and Image courtesy of Taste of Home.

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