Not Sure Whether to Serve This For Breakfast Or Dinner? Make It For Both!

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four…

Oohh man I wish I had kept track of how many pounds of potatoes our family have consumed over the years. Or maybe I should say truck loads!  We are huge fans of hash browns to potato soup and everything in between.

Potato sides are huge because they are so filling with makes them easy on the budget and when you have a houseful of family, friends, or guests, being able to feed every one without breaking the bank is a huge reality.

I remember when the main potato that was the most consumed were the russets. They are still super popular, but now there are other standards such as Yukon Gold and small red potato. Yeah for spuds of all shapes and sizes!

This is what Chelsea of Gal on a Mission has to say about this favorite side dish.

It’s a fantastic side dish or it really could be eaten for breakfast as well. It’s loaded with potato slices, cheese, bacon pieces and an awesome custard (eggs and milk).Everyone will be coming back for seconds!


Quick Tip: sprinkle the top with cut chives before serving.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Chelsea at Gal On a Mission 

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