No Need TO Fuss Over Making Chicken Enchiladas With This Crown Pleaser

Put This in Your Crock-Pot and Dinner Will Make Itself!

I just bought a new cookbook, but before I got home I decided that before I even make anything I needed to downsize my cookbook collection. I could not believe how many different cookbooks I had crammed onto the shelf above my stove.

Even more surprising was the amount of cookbooks I had picked up or were given over the years that I had never even looked through let alone made any of the recipes. So I ended up boxing up several and donating them to the Goodwill, where hopefully they will be used and loved by someone else.

One of the cookbooks that I couldn’t stop laughing over was the Crock pot cook book from the 70’s. The cover was so memorable and totally took me back to macramé plant hangers and Ditto Jeans. Thankfully Ditto Jeans are no longer in style, but crock pot cooking is still as popular as ever. This recipe made a believer in me!

This is what Sarah from the Magical Slow Cooker has to say about her recipe.

What is not to love about these easy enchiladas I don’t have the huge mess all over my kitchen from frying tortillas, and rolling the enchiladas.


Quick Tip. You can also make this with a green enchilada sauce.

Image and recipe courtesy of Sarah at The Magical slow cooker

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