Don’t Be Surprised When Your Guests Cry Out Encore After Just One Bite of This No-Bake Dessert

So Good You Might Be Tempted To Lick The Plate

The first time I made this for our kids piano recite dessert table I had a swarm of moms asking for the recipe. It was so yummy, yet it was so simple I was almost afraid to let them in on how easy it was to make. Seriously, I think I saw on of the Grandma’s licking her fork it is that good. You can image my surprise the next time a recital rolled around and the piano teacher gave me the invitation with a yellow sticky note attached asking if I could bring the yummy dessert I had brought before.

I guess you could say it really was my encore performance!

I always thought that if you were going to make a dessert it needed to be labor intensive and time consuming, but this dessert is so easy it is almost a sin to tell people you make it from scratch.

Here is what Lidia of Yummiest has to say about her crowd pleasing recipe.

“Chocolate Lush – perfect combination of cream cheese, cool whip and pecans! This recipe is very easy to make and it is so delicious! Layer after layer of chocolate fantasy – Chocolate Lush!”


Quick Tip. If you are not a huge Cool Whip person feel free to make up whipped cream and sweeten with powdered sugar.

Image and recipe courtesy of Lidia of Yummiest

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