This Taco Gets a High Five

Surf’s Up DUDE! But thankfully you don’t need to head to the beach to Pick Up a Platter of these!

I had never really heard of fish tacos until I moved to the San Diego area. In fact, I thought someone was kidding the first time they were talking about it.

Soon I realized that not only were a huge deal, but people rated places to eat based on their fish tacos. It was almost like the “Hang Ten” version of the classic kids story The Three Bears. ” This taco is too soft, this taco is too hard. THIS taco is just right!”

So what makes a great fish taco? It is in the cooking of the fish and fresh ingredients. The thin spicy batter helps to seal in the juice.

The fresh bold flavors of the salsa add to the tangy mixture creating what some would call the ultimate Barrel. (That is Surf Lingo for a Great Wave.) Like I would really know from experience since one of my biggest fears is being eaten by a shark. Besides, who is going to stay on the beach and watch our chairs and towels!

Even if you aren’t planning to hit the waves anytime soon, you can still fix these for your luau. A platter of these and toss some fine sand in your hair and it will feel like you just stepped off the beach to one of the little hole in the wall Taco stands.

Here is what Tatyana has to say about her sea inspired recipe.

These fish tacos with home-made guacamole and mango salsa will rock your world! Literally, the BEST fish tacos you’ll ever have! I’ve been using this fish taco recipe for years and it never gets old! The simple mango salsa with tomato, cilantro and lime is the perfect topping for these tacos!


Quick Tip: If you want to buy pre-made guacamole go ahead. Sometimes it is hard to find avocados that are perfectly ripe when you are having a craving for this meal. No shame in purchasing it.

Recipe and photo courtesy of Tatyana of Tatyana’s Everyday Food. 

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