Ohh Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory…Flag Cake Spledor

Ina Garten’s Inspired Flag Cake Worth Saluting

There is something about a stars and stripes inspired cake to really set the patriotic mood.

When we lived in Dutch Flat, we loved watching the old fashioned 4th of July parade.  Kids on bikes and go-carts, a bagpipe, lots of old cars, and of course small family decorated floats were cheered by the adoring crowd.

Everyone made two loops around the town that was settled during the gold rush, partially because the parade route was so small but also for tradition sake since the town was founded prior to CA becoming part of the Union. In the towns early years the trip was made one around with the Confederate flag and once with the Union flag.

As a mom of a Marine and an Army mechanic, I have extra love for all things red, white, and blue. This cake is a perfect way to celebrate the freedoms we enjoy.

This is what Cade and Carrian of Oh Sweet Basil have to say about this Flag Cake Recipe.

Now, Ina Garten is one of my foodie heroes for many reasons, but the biggest is that her food always turns out. One of Ina’s most popular recipes is for her Flag Cake. And it’s awesome. But mine might just be better than Ina Garten’s Flag Cake.


Quick Tip:  I you can’t find raspberries go ahead and cut strawberries in half and line them up with the cut side on the frosting.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Cade and Carrian of Oh Sweet Basil

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