Hold the Phone.. This Casserole is Calling my Name

Make this for a weekend dinner and guess what? Your family will beg you to make it again..maybe tomorrow!

Hey, I just got back from my daughter and son-in-law’s home. I call him my bonus boy because I love him just like one of my own! They are expecting their second baby any day now.

Since I live on the other end of the state from them and I might not get to be there as soon as the baby is born I decided to fly up and spend a few days getting meals planned, prepped and in the freezer so my daughter can take it easy until the baby gets here. Well, they do have a two year old so I guess I should say “Take it as easy as possible with a toddler under foot.”

We did quite a bit of food prep and one of the things we did was purchase a rotisserie chicken to make a casserole with. It was awesome to not have to cook that extra ingredient and it was perfect fr what we needed.

I just wish I had this recipe when I went there. I love that you can prep this, put it in a pan, freeze it and bake it weeks after you made it. Now that is a helpful meal right there. Looking in the freezer and realizing you have a few of these kings of meals in your freezer would be like looking in the dryer only to discover that someone left a five dollar bill in their pocket. Actually I like to consider that my tip:~D

So let me give you a tip my cooking friend. Don’t spend so much time making each meal when you can cook extra and freeze half for later, it is such a huge time and money saver and seriously, think about not having to wash all the pans every single night. Woot Woot!

This is what Gina of Kleinworth & Co has to say about this easy dish.

What tops your list when you think of comfort food? For me, casserole & soup. I was craving both the other day & couldn’t decide which to make. So I decided to combine the two & create this AMAZING Chicken Noodle Casserole.I love how quick & easy this dinner is & how much my family loves it.


Quick tip: If you are making this to take to someone’s house, consider making it in an foil pan so you don’t have to worry about bringing your dish home.

Photo and Recipe courtesy of Gina at Kleinwoth & Co.

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