Graham Crackers and Chocolate? A Match Made in Heaven

Nothing says LOVE like a homemade cake from scratch.

It had never ever occurred to me to make a cake from scratch until a few years ago. I mean, we have boxed cake mixes right?

Even the boxed mixes call for at least 2 eggs, oil and water. And we actually time the mixing on medium speed. But I was wrong. A boxed cake and a cake made from scratch are two totally different things.

We don’t even love cake in our family, we tend to be more Cookie lovers, but when I started making cakes from scratch that was a totally different thing.

This cake not only is made from scratch, it combines nostalgic flavors together. Guess what I want for my birthday cake!

This is what Julia of Savory Tooth has to say about this scrumptious recipe.

 The two layers are separated by frosting and graham crackers. Let me talk about the graham crackers: they are toasted in the oven and have this amazing smoky crunch and flavor. Definitely reminds me of s’mores. Hard to resist gobbling them up right then and there.


Quick Tip: If milk chocolate is too sweet for you, try using semi-sweet or dark cocoa powder.

Photo and recipe courtesy of Julia from Savory

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