Almost Too Good to be True. Gluten and Dairy Free Dessert? Make Mine a Big Piece.

It can be hard to accommodate dietary restrictions without giving up taste. Now, you don’t have to!

When I saw that Martha Stewart had a recipe that not only looked amazing, but was gluten and dairy free, I had to check it out. Let’s face it, anything Martha makes is AMAZING! This recipe does not disappoint.

I often add toasted pecans to my homemade granola bars or breads but I had never ever considered grinding them up in a food processor to make a flour. At first I was worried it would be flat and too dense, but the secret is in the egg whites.

I love the taste of pecans, but the pecan pie that is often served at Christmas or Thanksgiving is just too rich for me. So if you have a guest or two that you know passes on dessert because of food issues, now you can proudly serve something everyone will enjoy and feel good about.

In fact, they may even want seconds so you might as well go ahead and whip up a double batch!

Let me know when they are done..I will be right over!

This is what Julia Childs said about dessert.

A party without cake is just a meeting.


Quick Tip:  If you want a design on your torte, lightly lay a paper doily on top before dusting and then carefully remove. Fancy Schmancy!

Photo and recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart .com

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